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"I felt my son's frustration"

“I felt my son’s frustration”

Her son Jono Pedro Elyse Marcesani, 23, Monica Elyse, who was shot in the head nearly a month ago in Chicago, USA, decided to comment on the matter in an interview with Domingo Especagular. “As a mother it’s hard to explain, but when I saw it [no vídeo] They shoot, I could feel the frustration my son felt, and I burst into tears. It was very difficult, ”he declared.

According to Menica, the boy’s friend, who was driving the group’s car, noticed an armed biker following him and began chasing it. A man on another motorcycle, armed, fired eight shots in the direction of the car. Only Jono Pedro was hit in the head.

Due to the trauma, Jono underwent complex surgery to prevent brain damage. He is now breathing with the help of devices.

According to the family, the bone on the right side of the head was cut to remove the bullet. In addition, two drains and a brain pressure monitor were placed.

“We were told he was awake, clear, very scared and came to the hospital. He knew what had happened to him and said he could not feel the left side of his body,” said the young man’s mother.

On September 27 the student turns 23 years old. Doctors put a drain on the brain, but this procedure was not enough to reduce the inflammation in the brain. Jono then underwent surgery in which he removed part of the skull. He was then pushed into an induced coma.