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“I don’t like to stress”

“I don’t like to stress”

Jean Paulo Campos makes it clear what his sexuality is; Carrossel’s Cirilo shines in Vai Na Fé

One of the most important events of the novel Go in the faith the actor Jean Paulo Campos Clarify what his sexuality is. On the air as the very cute Yuri from the TV series At Seven O’Clock, he understands that many followers want to know if he likes boys or girls.

In an interview in Coluna Play, from Jornal O Globo, he The actor has spoken openly about the affair and confirmed that he is heterosexual. People have great skepticism about this, and I think this interest is normal. I’m straight, but I don’t like to stress about it, because it has nothing to do with my job.”He said.

The lover who was revealed on SBT when he played Cirilo de Carousel, said he sings of both sexes. “In my networks, I get a lot of songs from both girls and boys. I’m happy. It shows I’m getting people involved,” He said.

sure of yourself, Jean Paulo Campos He also said that he had no problem filming kissing scenes with other men. “Me and Gutierre [Sotero, outro ator da trama] We have known each other for a long time, from exams to joint work. This affinity was key to this sequel doing well. I think a kissing scene, regardless of the gender involved, needs harmony between the two actors to feel natural. I was very happy because the feedback was so positive.” advertiser.

They are still friends

This Monday (19), the program interview received Jean Paulo Camposwho became famous after playing Cyril in the series circular. translator Yuri in Go to faith From Globo, she was surprised by a statement from her friend and former partner, the actress Larissa Manuelawho explained Maria Joaquin.

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“Hi, G! I came here to send you a private message, because it’s always so special talking about you.” Famous started when he remembered seeing his friend grow from the time they worked together on SBT.