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I do not have a vaccination card or a SUS card. How will I get the Covid-19 vaccine?

Concern about receiving a vaccine against Covid-19 concerns not only the people of Cascavel, but also all Brazilians whose group has not yet been called up for immunization.

However, although the vast majority of the population uses the SUS and has a vaccination card, a certain part of the document has been lost or even never used the SUS.

So far the Covid-19 vaccine is offered exclusively by the SUS, many people have faced the following questions:

“How will I receive the vaccination agent if I do not have a vaccination card?” Or even “I have never used the Unified Health System and do not have a SUS card, how will I be vaccinated?”.

The answer is simple: all people will be vaccinated in the same way, even those who have never used SUS or who have lost their vaccination card.

When the group to which these people belong is mobilized to receive the vaccination agent, the person can usually go to the vaccination point, carrying the necessary documents, where the new card or the first card will be issued on time.

According to the memorandum issued by the municipal council, “the vaccination card is currently prepared for those who do not have the vaccination document.”

But the question may arise: “Will the waiting time in the queue increase more since the document was prepared on time?”.

actually no. Also, according to the press office, data is entered quickly and the time taken will depend on the order, which in some units is greater than in others.

So remember, when your group is mobilized to receive the immunization factor, run to class and take that great picture of getting the vaccine in your arm. Don’t forget to post on the networks and highlight in the caption that the vaccine saves lives! Oh, and don’t forget to put the date of the second dose on your calendar.

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