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'I asked for $ 800' · News TV

‘I asked for $ 800’ · News TV

Paulo Goulart Filio Fraudsters have invaded his Instagram and lost his profile with nearly 148K followers since Sunday (23). “I received an email from the hacker asking for $ 800 to delete my account. Can you believe that?” , Denounced the actor trying to retrieve the page by following the platform’s protocol.

The problem that Sun encountered on the Internet was revealed by his sister Barbara Bruno On the social network. Yesterday he warned: “We announce that the Instagram profile paulogoulartfilho has been cloned. It will resume soon.”

to me the newsSharur’s translator origin, From Record, reported a strange move before finding himself without his social network. Join the cast Biblical series On the Ur dos Chaldeans stage, the broadcaster is now showing Abraham’s journey.

There was a direct message from Instagram itself [mensagem direta] Request a number of things, such as your password, email, and cell phone number. I was confirming and updating, however [a conta] no longer. For up to an hour, due to many attempts, they asked to try within 10 or 15 minutes. After that, everything is gone forever. He has disappeared. “

He added, “I got several Instagram emails, including saying that someone tried to enter my Instagram in Turkey. They were requesting multiple confirmation codes.”

The artist is waiting for an official comeback via the platform’s help desk, and he regrets the situation because he has recently started reaping rewards as a digital influencer.

“I started working with Instagram. There are many companies looking to advertise. With the number of followers I have, it becomes more interesting. There is interest and affection for the audience. I received a lot of great messages, people like it follow,” details.

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“I’m kind of a wild animal (laughs), but I’ve been in the habit of spreading stories, because people love them. I have to get used to this new way of communication. Let’s see if we can recover.” [a conta]”We hope it ends.

The report sought advice from Instagram, which requested more information on the issue for an official position.

Check out Paolo Goulart Filho’s Instagram posts by Barbara Bruno: