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Hotel Hyundai [divulgação]

Hyundai hotel opening in UK and use of cars for business

To boost reverse charging technology on the new Ioniq 5 in Europe, a Hyundai hotel is under construction in the UK. Despite the strange name and modern idea, the place will be more like a luxury camp that will only operate thanks to the electric slot batteries.

According to Hyundai, the hotel will open on October 19 in Essex, UK, and will feature “luxury halls of the highest caliber” that “offer guests everything they expect from a luxury boutique hotel,” according to Hyundai with the brand announcement. However, it has not been revealed what will be in the cabins to deliver this experience.

Inside the Hyundai Hotel there is a bar and a restaurant. The brand promises that there will be an “innovative and sustainable menu, as well as the fuel-powered vehicle, with ingredients harvested locally in Essex”. There will even be a café with the silhouette of the Ioniq 5 for guests to enjoy.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 [divulgação]

For night entertainment, the Hyundai Hotel will provide guests with an outdoor theater with a popcorn machine. Both devices will run on Ioniq 5 batteries, which will also provide other hotel amenities.

The big question is that these cars will eventually need charging to run the Hyundai hotel. The brand did not specify how this would be done, nor how the high-demand electrical appliances or heaters in the enclosure would work. What is known is that residents of Ireland and the region of England will be able to compete for a free night at the hotel.

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