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Hurricane hits rural US city; awesome pictures

Published on 05/06/2022 15:50 / Updated on 05/06/2022 15:53

(Credit: CBS/Reproduction)

Security cameras captured a major tornado in Andover, Kansas. Photos were taken on April 29 and posted CBS This Thursday (5/5).

According to the city, more than a thousand homes were destroyed by the hurricane. No one died or was injured. More than 20,000 homes and businesses in Kansas were without power soon after.

According to the National Weather Service, the wind speed was 265 km/h. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by hurricanes tonight,” the Kansas Weather Service said on social media.

One lower It was created to collect aid for those affected.

A cyclone is a type of high-speed vortex of air. The United States hits about 1,200 tornadoes annually, according to the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and the National Weather Service.

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