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Hurricane destroys homes in Barbados, heading to Florida

Hurricane destroys homes in Barbados, heading to Florida

Hurricane Elsa destroyed rooftops, brought down trees and caused flooding in Barbados, in the Lesser Antilles, and hit Saint Vincent with heavy rain and wind yesterday (2), as the storm was heading to Haiti. Over the next few days, he approached Florida and could disrupt the search for victims after a building collapsed near Miami.

Hurricane Elsa, the first hurricane of 2021 and the fifth tropical storm this year in the Atlantic Basin, hit hurricane force last Thursday.

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), today the hurricane will pass near the southern coast of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, while on Sunday it will approach Jamaica and parts of eastern Cuba.

In the cone of the NHC’s track, the tornado appears over the Florida peninsula, in the United States, in the early days of next week.

The biggest concern is the potential impact on tracing efforts at the building that partially collapsed in Miami-Dade on June 24. Firefighters rescued 22 bodies, and more than 140 people are still missing.

In addition to wind, Elsa can cause storms and increase sea level and precipitation, increasing the risk of floods and landslides.

*With information from Reuters and Evi

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