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Humorist shouts 'Outside SUS' after receiving COVID-19 vaccine and nurse's reaction draws attention

Humorist shouts ‘Outside SUS’ after receiving COVID-19 vaccine and nurse’s reaction draws attention

Comedian Diogo Devante, of the YouTube channel of the same name, posted a video, Wednesday (4), of receiving the vaccine against Covid-19 and shouting “Fora SUS”. The joke became one of the most talked about topics on the web on Wednesday. Despite what was “wrong” at the demonstration, with people chanting “Out of Bolsonaro,” what caught the eye in the video was the reaction of the nurse who gave the dose.

Netizens immediately commented that the woman seemed to be shooting the particular comedian, at least until she realized it was all a joke. In the post on Twitter, Defante wrote “travel an idiot” when posting the video. In the pictures, Diogo Devante asks for a repeat of the potion and thus is able to shout “Fora Bolsonaro”.

About 5 hours after it was posted, the “Outside SUS” thread ranked third in terms of comments on Twitter. The comedian’s last name “Defante” was the sixth most mentioned topic. Among the comments, much of the joke was mocked, with comedians also Rafael Portugal and Thiago Ventura also skeptical, but other people questioned the seriousness of the protest.

I entered the FORA SUS tag p and laughed now pic.twitter.com/TtjDSjBwsM

Who is Diogo Devante?

Diogo Defante is a stand-up comedian who has his own eponymous channel, with over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. The young man says that he started creating content on other channels until he created his own channel in 2016, having also worked until 2017 as a manager of the “Parafernália” channel, the second largest YouTube channel for humor.

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A fan of his so-called “embarrassment humor”, he has “Diddy Reporter” with one of his main characters. He started his online career in 2012 with “Kaozada” channel. In 2014, he continued with another type of content, interviewing people in traffic jams, buses, trains, etc. The content prompted Felipe Netto to hire him to create a new channel for Paramaker (felipe Netto’s video producer at the time), the “Foco” channel. The channel lasted about one year and in 2016 Diogo created his own channel.