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“Humiliation and shame …”; After BBB 23’s Gabriel Fube Was Dismissed, Paulo Vieira ‘Embarrassed’ Ex-Brother And Opinions Divided On The Web


After being eliminated from the reality show, the former Glass became a “target” for jokes on Big Therapy

Photo 1: Clone/YouTube Humor Multishow Photo 2: Clone/Globo

Gabriel Fop was eliminated from BBB 23 Last Tuesday (31), after falling against the wall with Cesar Black and Domitilla Barros. Former Glass House It came out with 53.3% disapprovalAgainst 46.09% of Miss Germany and 0.61% of the nurses. After, after Leave confinementShare the model with Big Therapy with Paulo Vieira.

Even the comedian did not take lightly the jokes directed at the tiktoker. “Here is a list of all minorities who have abused you during the 15 days of the programme“, Release”.When you left, was your first call from your mom, a vacation with your ex or your lawyer?the announcer asked.

On social networks, Paolo’s jokes divided opinions. “the guy Humiliation and shame In every interview I love itwrote one Twitter user.Imagine if I were in the shoes of that madman *, I would die of embarrassment, I would suffer in front of Paolo, and even more so there would be no tact, spontaneity and charismaAnother highlight.

However, some netizens defended Gabriel. “Oh, I find it very annoying how they do everything to make people feel ashamed after leaving the program, if they go too far“One person criticized.”I hope this boy is good, for real! It’s so frustrating… This is seriousNotice another.

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