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Huck defends Natalia Dell after actress attacked for giving Giuliano money ‘low grade’ · TV News

Huck defends Natalia Dell after actress attacked for giving Giuliano money ‘low grade’ · TV News

Luciano Huck criticized the attacks on Natalia Dell in Dança dos Famosos. The actress was part of the artistic jury of the dance competition last week and did not give 10 to Giuliano Flos, who ended up being eliminated on Sunday (16). The broadcaster was angry about the negative repercussions of Natalia’s result and defended her on Dominingão com Huck.

After Amore Lorenzo opened the flamenco percussion performances, Angelica’s husband delivered a message before guests gave their feedback on the night. This Sunday (23), the bench included Gloria Grof and Lilia Cabral in the technical jury, in addition to the usual professional technicians.

“If there’s one thing I hate most in the world, it’s patrols. Right now, our country is so divided and so polarized, but when you disagree with someone, you feel like they’re your enemy. That’s not it. You just don’t have the same opinion as them, and that’s It is the beauty of democracy.”

“Last week, Natalia Dell gave a 9.9 for the performance here, by Giuliano Floss, which I love, but she’s within her rights. I feel very uncomfortable when this ignorant Internet court starts judging people, because they have opinions,” Huck explained. .

So I wanted to make it clear that this is an open space. People say what they want, give their opinion on what they want, show their interests, their choices… anyway. This is the stage with absolute freedom.

Last week participants performed a waltz. Natalia Dell received a 10th grade from Giuliano Floss’s final score because her dance partner accidentally elbowed her. Although it was not necessarily a “low score,” the actress’s decision affected the final score. After being eliminated, the influencer posted criticism online and said he “never wants to see the number nine again.”

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