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How to search for song name by voice using Google

How to search for song name by voice using Google

Everyone has spent days with a piece of song or melody on their mind that they want to know the name of. Now we will teach you how to find the name of a song by Google.

First of all, in order to be able to find a song name by Google, it is necessary to use a smartphone or tablet and install the application.

You can speak directly to the Google Assistant: just press the home button on your Android phone or tablet and say “Ok Google” to activate the assistant.

Then just use the command “Google, what’s the song?” And sing, whistle or sound in time with the rhythm you want to find.

The app will give you some options to match the audio you’ve played, so you just have to find your music.

Another option to access this tool is to enter the Google app and click on the search bar. Click the microphone button and select “Search for a song”.

Then it will try to reproduce the sound and, as in the previous example, Google will give you some options and only check the results behind the one you want.

Other options for searching for music

Google is a great tool for anyone looking for a song, but we also have other capabilities available:

For iOS users, Siri assistant can also find some music. Just activate it with “Hey Siri” and play the sound you want to search, then Siri will list some possible songs to find the one you are looking for.

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It is an app available for both Android and IOS that helps you in this task.

You can get it for free, just go to the smartphone app store (PlayStore for Android users and AppleStore for iOS users) and type “Shazam” in the search box.

Click to download the app and when the download is done, simply click to open it.

Finally, to discover the song, simply click on the big button in the middle of the screen and then play the sound.

Shazam also works on other equipment, in addition to computers and notebooks, through its website.

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