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How to read messages on WhatsApp without accessing the “internet” in the application

a The WhatsApp It continues to release new functions to improve the experience of its users, but the ability to read messages No need to connect to the internet Not yet available. If you are also looking for more privacy, learn how to get around this situation of accessing a message without your contacts seeing that you are active in the app.

It is now possible to prevent blocked contacts from seeing that the user is online. However, for other contacts, it is still not possible to prevent the status from displaying below the person’s name without using tricks.

How to avoid the “internet” on WhatsApp

There are several ways to prevent your contacts from seeing that you are online, such as reading the message via email notifications. smart phone. Simply access the phone’s notifications to access the content received, but remember that the notification will only display part of the message.

Another trick is to disable the internet connection by putting the device in airplane mode, a function that turns off wifi and makes it impossible for contacts to know that you have WhatsApp open. In this case, the user can type the reply message, exit the app and turn off Airplane mode to restore internet connection.

There are also options for apps and extensions that offer features to hide status and “type”, but the problem with this kind of solution is that it’s not completely secure. Therefore, avoid methods that can jeopardize your privacy and increase the chances of hackers attack.

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