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How to prevent them from withdrawing a thousand Brazilian reals in your name

How to prevent them from withdrawing a thousand Brazilian reals in your name

The possibility of withdrawing one thousand Brazilian riyals with Unusual withdrawal FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) has left many Brazilians comfortable this year. But the operation also caused a lot of headaches for those who were victims Scammers and scammers.

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Criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities to steal funds released in the new round, announced by the federal government in March. According to the account of a citizen who had been struck, he only realized that he had nothing left to save when he went to the Caixa Econômica Federal branch.

“I encountered a large queue and it was worthless. My security data, such as swipe numbers, even my app password, was changed.”

The worker, who preferred not to be named, was able to quickly solve the problem and carry out the withdrawal in the branch itself. But her friend was not very lucky, since the money was transferred to another account.

“I think the security of this app [Caixa Tem] It should be more advanced, as there is no need to visit any branch to operate the account. It is only necessary to verify the correctness of personal data in the application. Now, in addition to the fear of being stolen, we have to think about whether our data will be used in the future because of this theft.

Cyber ​​security expert Matthias Naganuma believes that Caixa Tem is secure, and that “there are many security flaws that leave room for fraudsters to act.” “For example, many criminals have gained access to Caixa Team using a printed image of the victim,” he says.

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How to protect yourself from scams?

In the event of leaked data, such as theft of documents, for example, the specialist recommends that the citizen file a report with the police. It is preferable to bring information that proves misuse of documents. Therefore, if a crime occurs, there is at least a previous record that your data has been disclosed,” he advises.

It is also recommended that the user be extra careful when providing sensitive data in registrations and purchases. “Although we are asked daily for our CPF number for purchases or registration, it is extremely important not to lend documents under any circumstances,” he says.

He adds, “Not only Caixa Tem faces fraud problems, but also some digital banks, where criminals – in possession of the victim’s document – ​​are able to open a bank account in the name of third parties for illegal operations.”