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How to prevent and treat respiratory diseases in the elderly at home in winter

How to prevent and treat respiratory diseases in the elderly at home in winter

July begins with cooler temperatures, raising awareness of respiratory diseases, especially among the elderly. This is Grandparents Month, Hospital Health Solutions Provides advice on how to prevent and treat at home these diseases that may pose a greater risk in old age.

Cold weather increases the risk of colds, flu, influenza, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Trying to avoid respiratory problems is simple, says Jacqueline Ramos, a nurse supervisor at Hospitalar.

“You need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, keep environments open and well-ventilated, with ventilation. It is important to dress well and, in the case of older people, cover extremities such as hands and feet well. Flu vaccination is also important and free.

Hospital care at home

Older adults who develop serious respiratory illnesses can receive hospital care at home, known as Home care“This avoids hospitalization, hospitalization, and the risk of hospital infection,” explains nurse Mayara Rocha.

An example of this is home antibiotic treatment for infections such as pneumonia and other illnesses. “This treatment means that a person does not need to go to the hospital to receive antibiotics intravenously or intramuscularly.”

Hospital explains that performing this treatment at home has several advantages. These include convenience, avoiding hospitalization, receiving medication at the right time from a qualified nursing professional and not interrupting the treatment, which ensures effectiveness and safety.

Home treatments vary depending on the patient’s needs. One of these is respiratory physiotherapy, a service that is in high demand at this time of year.

The important thing is to have a qualified team. At Hospitalar we have a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and others.

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