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How to pass screenshots from console to app

How to pass screenshots from console to app

If you are the kind of gamer who likes to share gameplay screenshots on social networks, you can reach for screenshots PS5 On PS App it will be very useful. The good news today is that Sony is already implementing functionality in the app in the Americas and Japan – yes, that includes Brazil.

Thinking about preparing the audience, the company has already made a file available Support page With step-by-step instructions and some explanations of how your photos and videos will look on your smartphone screen. First, you need to enable media upload in your console:

  • A notification appears as soon as you open the screenshot gallery, but if it doesn’t show you, just follow the steps below.
(Source: MeuPS / Jean Azevedo)
  • being able to Settingsgo to the pick up and movethen open the option catch. There, you can enable automatic upload, so that all your media appear on your mobile device app;
PS5 captures in the PS app - Menu
(Source: MeuPS / Jean Azevedo)
  • In the PS app, go to Library, then Capture and activate the option to view PS5 screenshots in the PS App;
Captures in the PS . app
Go to Enable (Source: MeuPS / Tatiane Inês)
  • Now, just connect your PS5 to the PS app according to your PlayStation, because it happens automatically, it is necessary to leave the game in standby mode with the “Continue Online” setting turned on.;

After completing the above steps, your media library will be sent Some PS5 screenshots in the PS app. Why don’t they all show up? it is easy. They need to follow certain requirements:

  • Game videos that are less than three minutes long and are not in 4K resolution.
  • Screenshots taken from the Create menu or Create Button shortcuts.
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Noteworthy: Photos and videos It will only be available for 14 days in the application. While you’re there, you can send it to friends and parties on PSN, save it to your smartphone, or post it to your social networks.

PS5 captures on PS app and it works

a team MyPlaystation I already tested how to capture PS5 in PS App. Sony doesn’t cite this directly, but we do have two important notes:

  • In-game screenshots can only be shared through the app. It is not possible to send screenshots of the system and settings, for example;
PS5 Capture on PS App - b4b
(Source: MeuPS / Tatiane Inês)
  • The media in the PS application in the console’s media library is marked with an icon indicating the media already loaded on the smartphone;
PS5 and PS app
(Source: MeuPS / Tatiane Inês)

Do you tried it before there? We shared your experience!