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How to make coffee with mocha

In the age of modern capsule machines or home capsules, the ritual of a mocha jug remains timeless, and the aroma and bubbles of the coffee machine cannot be dispensed with.

Not to mention the Neapolitan tradition of “tazzulella” coffee, where water seems to be the secret to making it so special. Mocha was created by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Doing it is easy, but making it good is another. Here are some practical tips for getting great coffee. See also all about coffee in general.

Steps to make great coffee

  1. After you put the coffee and water, close the mocha well and put it on the stove.
  2.  It should be fired at least.
  3. Do not use stoves larger than the diameter of the mocha base.
  4. Make sure the handle is away from the heat.
  5.  Tradition says keep the lid.
  6.  If necessary, to avoid splashing the coffee, put a teaspoon in the place where the coffee comes out. When the coffee begins to rise, turn off the heat and let it come out naturally and slowly, making coffee is a ritual that takes its time.
  7.  Once everything is out, mix the drink until the taste remains uniform.

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How to care of mocha 

 Once you have chosen the right quality mocha for you, to get good coffee, it is important to follow a few rules to ensure that it lasts over time and continues to make good coffee without weird taste. 

These are some useful tips.

  1. Choose good quality mocha and possibly from trusted and historical brands
  2.  Never wash your mocha with detergent, but only with water and possibly vinegar to remove the peel.
  3. Maintain properly Moka parts such as gaskets, filters and valves, if they are very worn they should be replaced.
  4. Do not leave the mocha dirty for a long time, always clean it.
  5. If the handle “dances”, it is better to replace it, as this can be dangerous.

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