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Como aderir ao saque-aniversário do FGTS para receber em 2021?

How to Join the Christmas Draw to Receive FGTS in 2021?

Annually, workers can withdraw part of the employee’s severance compensation fund, but there are still doubts about how to join the anniversary of withdrawal to receive FGTS later this year. Compliance with this method provided by Caixa Econômica Federal is optional, and the amount to be received varies according to the amount available in the worker’s account.

Who is entitled to a 2021 birthday loot?

All workers who perform activities in the system CLT (unification of labor laws), that is, those who are engaged in a professional activity with an official contract can join the birthday of the withdrawal. However, it is necessary to inform Caixa Econômica Federal of the interest in receiving the funds annually.

Otherwise, withdrawal can only be made in cases provided by law, such as the case of unfair dismissal or the purchase of a house. Thus, in 2021, workers born between August and December birthday are still entitled to withdraw, as long as they register by the deadline set by Caixa. Other workers (born between January and July) will only be able to obtain FGTS in 2022.

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How to join the FGTS birthday swag?

to join birthday lootIt’s very simple. Each procedure can be done online. This is because Caixa Econômica Federal offers the following options to the worker:

  • FGTS application;
  • Caixa.gov.br website;

These platforms also allow the worker to access the current balance and run a simulation to see how much can be received in 2021. Therefore, see below the step-by-step instructions that will be included in the withdrawal birthday:

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Join the FGTS birthday withdrawal through the app

If you choose this option, you need to install the application on your mobile phone. The system is available for Android or iOS. Then follow the steps:

>> Report your login and password, but if you are not registered, register your details;

>> Click “Enter”;

>> Find the option “My FGTS”;

>> Choose the method “FGTS – Birthday Withdrawal”;

>> Read the Christmas Withdrawal Terms and Conditions;

>> Click OK;

>> Click “Join Loot Birthday”;

Join the FGTS birthday draw through the Caixa website

Those who would prefer to join the FGTS birthday withdrawal can receive it in 2021, through the Caixa Econômica Federal website. The difference is that access to online withdrawal birthday jobs is required through an ICP-Brasil digital certification.

FGTS birthday pull

This document has been issued by any certification body accredited by the National Information Technology Institute (ITI). Then follow step by step:

>> Click My FGTS

>> Choose the birthday pull option;

>> Read the terms of the method;

>> Finish by clicking Join;

What is the last date to join the 2021 withdrawal anniversary?

Workers who wish to obtain FGTS this year must join a birthday withdraw until the last day of their birth month. Therefore, only the following citizens can join in 2021:

i was born in october

  • Payment start: October 1, 2021;
  • Deadline to join: October 31, 2021;

i was born in november

  • Payment start: November 1, 2021;
  • Deadline to join: November 30, 2021;

I was born in December

  • Payment start: December 1, 2021;
  • Deadline to Join: December 31, 2021;
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It is noteworthy that if the worker submits the application after this period, he will have the right to withdraw money only in the next year. In addition, those who join the method but give up must wait 25 months to return to the withdrawal and withdrawal method, which occurs when the worker is dismissed without Just a reason.

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How do I know if I will get a raffle for my 2021 birthday?

The release of funds is also verified on the Caixa website or in the FGTS app. Through these platforms, the worker can monitor the release of funds, the date on which the FGTS can be withdrawn and where the amount is deposited.

Therefore, when joining the raffle birthday, do not forget to provide a bank account to receive the amount. Those who prefer can also contact Federal Savings Bank Call 0800724 2019, or go to the nearest branch and request information on your balance and withdrawal on 2021.

For employees who are clients of the financial institution, access to the FGTS account statement is available through Internet banking. Thus, it is possible to check whether you will be among the citizens who will have access to the final payments for this year, which will take place on the following dates:

Born in August: Can withdraw until October 31, 2021;

Born in September: Can withdraw until November 30, 2021;

Born in October: Withdrawal is possible until December 31, 2021;

Born in November: Can withdraw until January 31, 2022;

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Born in December: Withdrawal is possible until February 28, 2022.