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Como fazer uma graduação no Reino Unido?

How to get a degree in UK?

Students interested in going to university on the Queen’s land must follow the continuing requirements of British higher education institutions

Cambridge and Oxford are the most famous, but there are more than 130 higher education institutions in the UK interested in getting foreign students, including Brazilians. It is spread across four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – these universities have opened their doors, but they have certain admission criteria to be followed.

Four British universities are in the top ten in the world. More than half a million students from outside the UK are taking very different courses. Leonardo Trench, director of the Gradui Academic Exchange and Educational Services, says Brazilians interested in being one of them can be excited. Brazilian students are in a better position because universities like this profile. They are looking for a mix of nationalities, and for companies, having Latin American students is very important, ”he explained during an event with the British Embassy in Brazil,“ It is best to study in the UK ”.

There are currently more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate courses in London alone. During graduation, and depending on the course and the university, students have the opportunity to do paid employment for 6 months or 1 year. Many campuses have homes designed for them and it is mandatory to live in them for the first year. Thus, everyone can enjoy an integrated experience with the academic community, attending sports and social spaces, and being close to laboratories and research environments.

Gradually to graduate in the UK

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Studying in the UK will not be expensive, even more part and full scholarships offered by educational institutions. The student visa allows the school to work up to 20 hours per week throughout the year, and for full-time students, about 40 hours per week during the holidays. Now, new students can extend their postgraduate visa, which is an opportunity to stay in the country and gain more work experience. However, you need to meet the ongoing requirements. “Every university has its own process, but, in general, Brazilians are asked to take it Basement year, Which serves as a bridge between our high school and the first year of graduation, “explains Trench.

To escape Basement year, The student can go to a one-year college in Brazil or get adequate marks in international courses such as the A-level or IP Diploma program. I.P. With a holistic approach, the program is divided into six groups of subjects – the first language and literature study group, where students study their mother tongue, many schools in Brazil, Portuguese; The second group is the acquisition language, where the student can choose English, Spanish or French among others; A designated group of individuals and communities with fields such as history, business management, psychology or geography third; Fourth is experimental science, with choices between biology, physics, computer science, or chemistry; Fifth Mathematics Group, with two methods: Mathematics, Analysis and Approaches and Mathematics, Applications and Interpretations; And the sixth group offers art, visual arts, music or theater.

Apart from these, all IB students take courses in the theory of knowledge, with the aim of developing critical thinking and CAS (creativity, function and service), which aims to cultivate personal and personal values ​​among students. A monograph is required to develop research and scientific writing.

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Director of Cologio Positivo – International, which uses the IP Diploma Program, describes it as an accredited educational program in more than 130 countries. “The IP Diploma Program, a high performance program evaluated externally by international academics, promotes an environment that fosters an international mindset, promotes critical thinking and works to develop conceptual understanding and cognitive skills. “, He points out.

IP is not only accepted as a benefit in the UK. Attendees can apply for seats at universities in more than 130 countries, including Brazil. Companies such as Fantano Ketlio Vargas (FGV), Faculty Albert Einstein and Fuccio Rio have an entry path that considers the IP score and does not require entrance exams. Abroad, in Germany, Holland, France and the UK, IP students are not required to participate in other admissions processes. “IP is a great way to open the window not only for those who want to study abroad, but also for Brazilian universities,” says Oliveira.

However, before sitting on the benches of a British university, the foreign student undergoes a thorough evaluation. The trench says that these educational institutions evaluate many factors to choose their students. This includes high school marks, reference letters, interviews and an optional letter that explains why the student wants to study in the UK and how he or she can join the community.

Verdiana Ribeiro has lived in London since 2010 and has worked as an international official for Latin America at Birkbeck University in London, a traditional public university for 200 years. Only with evening classes, Birkbeck helps students continue their careers during the day. In addition, it offers an entire sector focused on business development. She reminds that in addition to the cover letter and profile, it is also important to provide English proficiency exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. The academic year begins between September and October and it is essential to keep track of the deadlines and requirements of each educational institution.

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