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How to create a 3D avatar to use on Instagram and Facebook |  technology

How to create a 3D avatar to use on Instagram and Facebook | technology

3D avatars allow you to customize physical aspects such as skin tone, hair, nose, mouth, eyes, face shape, and items the character wears, such as glasses, clothes, earrings, piercings, and hearing aids.

Once you create the avatar, you can share it on profile posts and stickers. InstagramAnd the Facebook and messenger.

How to create a 3D avatar in . format Instagram

  1. Click on your profile picture in the lower right corner;
  2. On your profile, click the three horizontal dashes in the upper right corner;
  3. Choose “Settings“;
  4. Choose “the account“;
  5. Cucumber “symbol picture“;
  6. click in “to start“.

How to create a 3D avatar on Instagram – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After these steps are completed, the file Instagram Offers many options for editing the appearance of the character. The application allows the user to activate the front camera of the phone to compare his face to the avatar.

To finish editing, simply click on Finish and confirm your choice in Save Changes.

How to use 3D avatar format Instagram

It is possible to share a 3D avatar as a sticker in Stories of the Instagram. To do this, just follow this step by step:

You can return to the avatar page at any time to edit or delete the character.

How to use 3D avatar in Instagram stories – Photo: Play / Instagram

How to use 3D avatar format Facebook

In order for the character to also appear in a file Facebook And in Messenger, you need to sync personal files. Learn how to do it:

  1. In the “Settings” From Instagramclick inAccount Center“;
  2. in “Accounts and Profiles”, select one of your accounts;
  3. enable item”Sync profile information“;
  4. click in “Complete“.

not yet Instagramgo back to the Edit Profile screen and tap “deduceThe app will ask if it can sync the avatar with Facebook Then clickyes“.

After that, you can use your avatar directly in Facebook By accessing the list of social networks and clicking on “GodsThe screen contains options to create a profile picture, share poses, and use stickers in posts.