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How to change the values ​​in the banking application?

How to change the values ​​in the banking application?

There is no denying that the PIX underwent some changes in January of this year, as determined by the Central Bank. Among the changes is the ability for customers to transfer the entire daily limit at once, which was previously prevented due to a transaction lock.

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If the person has daily limit From R$2,000, but locked at R$500 per transaction, it was necessary to carry out the same transaction four times to transfer the entire amount. With change, it will be possible to transfer the entire amount in one shipment.

For this, it is necessary to change this limit in bank applications or through online banking on your computer. Thinking about it, we’ve included our “How to Make a Change” on the major banks. paying off!

How to change the PIX transaction limit?


To change the transaction limit on Caixa Economica FederalYou will need to click on the ‘PIX’ option to be directed to ‘My Limits’. There, the user will be able to make all adjustments in transfer amounts between their saved and unsaved accounts, contacts, and legal entities.

When you select the required amount, just click “Confirm” to complete the change.

Bank of Brazil

On the main screen of the application, the customer will find the “Boundaries” option. In it, the customer will have access to many options, including PIX. After clicking, simply select “Customize PIX Limits” and make adjustments to the monthly, daily or overnight value.

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The reduction of the limit is approved immediately by the bank, but the increase must be confirmed through online banking or at a bank branch. This approval process takes up to 24 hours after request.


In roxinho, the customer must enter the “Area PIX” menu and select the “Configure PIX” option. He will be able to manage his daily limit Transfers, it is necessary to click on “My PIX Limits” to make adjustments in the process. Nubank also allows people to be added to a “trust list”, which allows transfers – made this way – of any amounts sent to these listed contacts.


Finally, to set the transaction limit in Itaú, just follow the step by step:

  • Click on the PIX option;
  • select the “My Limits” menu;
  • choose the new limit;
  • Click on “Confirm” to complete the request.