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How to calculate and optimize using the thirteenth salary

How to calculate and optimize using the thirteenth salary

About 38 million Brazilians are awaiting the payment of the second installment of their thirteenth salary, which will take place within the next few days. The Christmas bonus, anticipated all year, is often used for year-end shopping, helping to boost the Brazilian economy. According to information from the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (Dieese), the payment of the 13th salary should inject approximately R$250 billion into the country’s economy.

The second installment of the thirteenth salary is entitled to those who worked on an official contract for at least 15 days during the year, public employees, retirees and pensioners. As for INSS pensioners and retirees, payments have already been made in advance. Only those who have not previously received the 13th will receive the amount in December. It is worth noting that workers who are fired for good reason lose their right to Christmas bonuses.

What are the deductions on the second installment of the thirteenth salary?

The second payment of the thirteenth installment tends to be a smaller amount than the first payment due to applicable deductions, such as income tax, the National Institute of Social Security contribution, and alimony, if applicable. In the case of payment in one payment, discounts are applied to the total value of the benefit.

How will the second installment of the thirteenth salary be disbursed?

Employers have until December 20 to pay the second installment. The first installment must be paid by November 30, which is the same deadline for paying the single installment. All payments must be made by the deadline.

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How is the value of the second installment of the thirteenth salary calculated?

When calculating a worker’s pay, overtime, tips, kickbacks, night shifts, unhealthy work, and hazardous conditions must be included. Businesses can deduct absences exceeding 15 days that are not excused. In this case, the loss is 1/12 of the thirteenth salary.

Tips for using the thirteenth salary

Here are some suggestions to make better use of your 13th salary: from building an emergency reserve, paying off debt, paying off IPVA and IPTU, to Christmas shopping or even taking your dream trip during the holidays!