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How to block collection calls and telemarketing?

How to block collection calls and telemarketing?

The frequent suspicion of thousands of consumers is the insistence on group calls and telemarketing that ultimately lead to discomfort, embarrassment and even headaches.

Consumers need to know that such corporate practice is offensive and in violation of Section 42 of the Consumer Protection Act (CDC).

As expressed in the CDC, under no circumstances can a consumer be ridiculed or embarrassed in calls, even in cases where a particular person is in default.

In addition, calls in excess, as well as at inappropriate times, are considered abusive, violating consumer privacy and calm.

Understand how these excessive calls work

In most cases, the calls are made by an artificial intelligence system that simultaneously calls multiple people called “robocall”.

Thus, when the first person answers the call, it is forwarded to the telemarketer. However, this practice causes some problems, such as not controlling the number of calls made to each phone number, so one person can receive many calls throughout the day.

The scenario can get worse when a debt or an offer for a particular product or service is constantly and wrongly charged, as even the consumer continues to receive calls claiming the error occurred.

How to track and block these calls

Firstly, it is necessary to clarify that creditors have every right to charge consumers in default as well as deny the name.

However, consumers need to amicably contact the company to attempt to renegotiate the debt as well as inform the concerned company that they do not want to be disturbed during the business day or at any other time of the day, and formalize the attempt by email or calling the collection company.

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The consumer must also write a service protocol to prove that he made the request, and if the will of the consumer is not respected, record the number and times of calls and seek justice.

The Procon website in some states such as São Paulo and Goiás has an area that offers a ban on telemarketing through the Procon Web.

There is also the “Do Not Disturb Me” web platform (naomeperturbe.com.br), developed by Anatel which aims to block telemarketing calls from companies offering to sell products or services.

However, it should be noted that the Anatel platform is limited to telecom operators. The ban by the Procon Web platform per state includes companies from different sectors.

Content with information from the Procon of Goiás and São Paulo, adapted from Jornal Contábil