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How many streaming services are there?  See the full list

How many streaming services are there? See the full list

There are a lot of streaming services these days, right? It is possible to watch various movies and series, listen to music and even play different titles through these subscription services. It got me thinking, “How many streaming services are there?”

Putting in an exact number can be a difficult task, but let’s give it a try! Take a look below to see how many services there are in Brazil, with subscriptions that let you catch up on amazing content.

How many streaming services are there

According to a survey conducted by BB Media this year, there are more than 60 streaming services available in Brazil today, but that number may already have increased. As you know, the sector is very popular and growing every year, so who knows, maybe next year we will not see an increase in it?

You may be asking yourself: “But lo, what is the full list of services?” Take a look at some of the services you can sign up for here in Brazil.

Movies, series and programs

The largest share of streaming services focus on movies, series, and adaptations. Perhaps the most famous is Netflix, but there are many, you see? Some focused on independent films, others such as Itaú Cultural Play in a Brazilian production. There is something for all tastes, so pop the popcorn and check out some!


How about listening to lo-fi while you work? Or your favorite song on the bus and subway? As you know, there are many streaming services available for music lovers, so take a look:

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Want to see some streamers performing amazing plays? There are also places dedicated to this, see? Oh! Don’t forget the Xbox Game Pass, a cloud service that gives you access to amazing games!

Japanese comics

If you are a fan of anime, you can also find some really cool options, see? Take a look at where you can run your pirate anime marathon or discover your next favorite!


Sports lovers, calm down! There’s also room for you, see? I know football is the great Brazilian passion, but there are other flows out there!

a lot, right? Share this text with your friends and I’ll be back soon with more trivia info!