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How is BBB 24 voted today?  Updated poll indicates who will leave · TV News

How is BBB 24 voted today? Updated poll indicates who will leave · TV News

The result of the 16th BBB 24 wall will be revealed this Tuesday (2), and everything indicates that Giovanna Bittel will be eliminated from the reality show. The woman from Alagoas faces the hot seat for the third time this season, now against Alan Dias and Beatriz Reyes, and is the most likely to leave the most watched house in Brazil.

The poll received more than 80,000 votes the news It signifies the end of the line in the conflict for the social worker. Beetle has 86.64% of readers' choices to leave Big Brother Brasil.

While the dancer received only 7.3% of the votes, the saleswoman from Bras came in last place with 6.06%. The two have been allies since the beginning of the show and are part of the fictional group.

The result of the UOL poll indicates the same conclusion: the fourth survey participant had a rejection rate of 79.75%, which had already collected almost 610 thousand votes. The fourth fictional pair is almost in no danger: Alan received 13.53% of the votes, and Beatrice only 6.72%.

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The public has two options for voting on the official website of the Globo reality show: Único, one for each CPF, and Torcida, which allows the combined effort to vote as many times as they want. The final result, which Tadeu Schmidt will announce on Tuesday (2), depends on the average of the two methods.

poll the the news It has no scientific character and has no influence on the official score scored by Gshow, but it depicts a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers.

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How was the wall formed?

The Leader's Test, held on Sunday (31), requires the top three to be eliminated from the competition to draw consequences. Unfortunately, Alan Dias fell straight into the spotlight.

Giovanna Lima won the race again and nominated Pia to the danger zone. She intended to send Alan, but she didn't have the chance because of the punishment the dancer was subjected to. For the House of Representatives, Bethel had the most votes. I got five votes.

Beetle orders

On Monday (the first), Giovanna Bittel felt she might be the next person eliminated and left instructions to her allies in the house. She didn't want anyone to occupy the double bed in the gnome's room after she left.

The participant shared a bed during most of the competition with Fernanda Pandey, who was eliminated on Sunday night (31). “If you leave, I won’t lie down on my bed,” she said as she tidied the room.

“No kidding. Leave it covered forever with honor,” added Beetle, who is expected to face rejection in the 16th wall of the season.