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How do you join the Pix queue?

Every year, the IRS Recover billions of rice to me contributors Brazilians. These features relate to Income tax refundThat is, the sums mentioned in the declaration paid by the person declaring the increase.

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There is a good strategy to join the “Pix line” of the tax authorities and get good money in 2023. Investors need to invest their money in private pensions as early as possible to ensure a greater return next year.

A female taxpayer who invested in 2021 said she stopped paying R$7,500 in income tax in 2022 and got R$1,500 back in revenue this year. Another person reported receiving R$8,733.38 in compensation.

Considering the amounts that the declarant will stop paying and what he will get through a investment Like this, the yield could be in the thousands of riyals.

How do you receive in 2023?

The deadline to enter the Pix Waitlist and receive a refund next year expires in the coming months. The first thing you should do is check if you are entitled to a tax refund and if it pays to invest in a private pension.

For this, it is necessary to assess your income, if you study, if you have children, among other aspects of your financial life. The next step is to calculate the appropriate amount for the investment and increase the refund amount, bearing in mind that there is a limit to this and it is not worth applying higher amounts.

Another important point is choosing the right and most advantageous fund, as there are options with very low returns and offensive fees. Calculations can be made in this free worksheet From Empiricus Investments.

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