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How do you expect to withdraw FGTS by Santander

NS Santander A novelty launched for those who need money at the end of the year, but don’t want to pay high interest rates on a loan. The bank now makes it possible In anticipation of the loot birthday from the severance pay fund)FGTS) of millions of account holders.

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In this method, the worker can withdraw part of the amount available in his FGTS accounts every year, always in the month of his birthday. The Foundation estimates that about 200,000 account holders currently choose this withdrawal category.

To access the funds, the first step is to join the birthday raffle on the FGTS app or website. During the migration, you must authorize Santander to access your information.

Expectation conditions

The rental of the service offered by Santander is subject to the following conditions:

  • be a bank account holder;
  • Have a minimum of R$500 for employment;
  • Expect the equivalent of an annual withdrawal;
  • You have chosen the method and authorized Santander.

The interest rate charged is 1.69% per month and the interested party must apply between 150 and 365 days before his birth month.

Debt repayment does not affect your monthly income, the amount is deducted at once from the resources of the FGTS account. For more information, visit The site of Santander.

Withdrawal date value 2021

FGTS Balance (in Brazilian Reals) Percentage of credit that can be redeemed Fixed additional premium
Up to 500 BRL 50%
De R $ 500.01 a R $ 1.000 40% 50 BRL
De R $ 1,000.01 a R $ 5,000 30% 150 BRL
De R $ 5,000.01 a R $ 10.000 20% 650 BRL
De R $ 10.000.01 a R $ 15,000 15th% 1.150 Brazilian Real
De R$15,000,01 a R$20,000 10% 1,900 BRL
Above 20,000.01 BRL 5% 2,900 BRL
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