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How do I know if I am eligible for PIS 2022?  PIS is not enabled, what to do?  How to enable PIS in digital business card?

How do I know if I am eligible for PIS 2022? PIS is not enabled, what to do? How to enable PIS in digital business card?

the Salary Pass PIS / Pasep 2022 start paying February. the Updated calendar for the PIS / Pasep 2022 salary allowance It is divided into two benefits.

This year, about 22 million Brazilians received the salary bonus, with a total value of more than 20 billion Brazilian reals, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Traditionally, the salary bonus is paid in the year following the year in which there was a working day for 12 consecutive months, with each payment corresponding to the month of birth of the employee. Now the payment will be made in just two months.

How do I know if I am eligible for PIS 2022?

The employee is entitled to the premium PIS / Pasep . salary for at least five years and who have formally worked at least 30 days in the base year considered when calculating, at an average monthly wage up to a minimum wage.

It is also necessary for the employer to have correctly reported the data in the annual Social Information Information (RAIS) report.

Requirements for obtaining PIS / Pasep 2022:

  • I worked at least thirty days in the base year
  • Be registered for at least 5 years in PIS / PASEP
  • Received a monthly bonus up to the minimum wage
  • Be with data that has been properly reported by the employer in the RAIS/eSocial Annual Report.

Where are the PIS 2022 funds located?

Employees of the private initiative who have a current or savings account in Caixa will receive PIS / Pasep 2022 salary allowance in February [veja calendário aqui], automatically in the bank according to your birth month.

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Other beneficiaries will receive the amounts through digital social savings, which can be transferred through the Caixa Tem app.

If it is not possible to open the digital account, then the withdrawal can be made with the citizen card and password at self-service stations, lottery units, Caixa Aqui or branches, also according to the payment schedule graduated by month of birth.

Pasep allowance is paid by credit into an account for those who have accounts or have savings at Banco do Brasil.

Employees who are not BB account holders can make the transfer via TED to their account via the self-service terminals, the portal www.bb.com.br/pasep or at the branch cash desk, upon presentation of an official identification document.

PIS is not enabled, what to do? How to enable PIS in digital business card?

Did you know that it is possible to easily and quickly refer to the PIS / PASEP salary allowance on your cell phone? Well, this is possible with the CTPS Digital app.

In order to access the salary allowance information in the digital labor card, it will be necessary for the worker to download or update the application on his cell phone.

Next, access the “Benefits” and “Salary Bonus” tabs, to check if you are eligible to receive the benefit, as well as the amount, day and receiving bank.

The amount of benefit to be paid to the worker depends on the number of months he has worked, and the maximum amount to be paid is one of the minimum wages.

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Regarding previous years, the salary allowance calendar has changed. However, the payment will be made between February and March, but the withdrawal can be made until December of this year.

PIS calendar dates 2022

Private sector workers, registered with PIS, will receive the salary bonus for the year from February 8 to March 31, through Caixa Econ├┤mica Federal.

BASEP calendar 2022

For civil, military and state employees registered in Pasep, payment is made from February 15 to March 24, by Banco do Brasil.