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How do I get a message regarding emergency assistance on WhatsApp?

How do I get a message regarding emergency assistance on WhatsApp?

Beneficiaries of emergency help It will start receiving in the next few days, directly on WhatsApp messaging app-Information regarding deposit, payment and withdrawal dates for your benefit. Caixa Econômica Federal and Whatsapp have signed a partnership, unprecedented in the world, to send messages about the interest.

An official and verified account from Caixa Economica Federal will send information about emergency aid. According to the president of the bank, Pedro Guimarães, about 500 million free messages should be sent while the remaining installments of maturity are paid.

How to register a WhatsApp number in emergency assistance?

Those who receive emergency assistance and have registered their cell phone number in the Caixa Tem app will be the ones who will receive messages through The WhatsApp. The procedure is not mandatory, users will have the autonomy to enable or disable receiving messages.

Caixa will send messages about the digital savings account credit calendar, cash payment or withdrawal calendar and other information and communications.

The news was announced during a live broadcast attended by the Director of Public Policy for WhatsApp on Facebook Brazil, Dario Duregan. Take the opportunity to confirm that messages will be sent through a verified Caixa account on The WhatsApp, directing users to be aware of potential scams.

There will be no request for a password or personal data. Only information about help will be sent.”

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Caixa Econômica Federal has not announced when the news will take effect, but has announced that about 500 million letters will be sent to emergency aid recipients in the coming months.

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Anyone who wants to receive notifications just needs to update the mobile number registered in the app square his. The service will be completely free. For more information, visit Caixa موقع site Or contact the organization by calling 0800-726-0101.