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How can menopause affect our mental health?  - Vogue magazine

How can menopause affect our mental health? – Vogue magazine

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We are not going through an easy time, then pandemic It brought a lot of insecurities, nervousness, fears and other problems that affect our daily life Psychological health. All this together turned into the incentive for many people to search for psychologists’ offices during this period.

For women who pass by The age is menopause, The situation could get worse. “The most important moment is menopause, which begins at about 45 and ends one year after menopause, at age 51, on average. This phase is characterized by fluctuations in hormone levels – mainly estrogen and progesterone – and may have physical symptoms (pain). Hot flashes and restlessness), in addition to psychological symptoms such as sadness. Anxiety Irritability, which can develop into depression, ”explains psychiatrist Dr. Joel Reno Jr., who since 1998 has been in charge of the Women’s Mental Health Program (ProMulher) at the Institute of Psychiatry at Das Clinics, University of the South Pacific School of Medicine.

“ Peak age, which also includes moment PerimenopauseIt is a transitional period in a woman’s life – from 40 to 65 years – marking the end of her reproductive stage, when the ovaries stop working and they reach menopause. In a world full of sexual appeals, the constant search for youth, and facing the end of this cycle, can greatly affect the passion and self-esteem of any woman. If we take into account the resulting hormonal, metabolic, physical and social changes, you can imagine why this period occurred depressionAnd anxiety and other disorders for many women. It is important to have a mental health professional during this period, which can be very frustrating, depending on the emotional, psychological and family structure of each woman. “

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And what contributes to these depressive symptoms along with genetics and vulnerability to these hormonal fluctuations? “You are Hot flashesFor example, it often has to do with the exacerbation and even the emergence of some depressive states in this period, “the doctor guarantees.” Expressive stimuli inherent in the epidemic, such as despair, insecurity regarding the future, and lack of control, the overload of increased demand has ended [na clínica]. “

How do we maintain our mental health at this stage? First, to notice changes in behavior, socialization (although restricted by the epidemic), problems with concentration and memory, and an unwillingness to wake up early in the morning increased. Candy consumption, Alcohol and black label treatments, have very negative thoughts. All of this could be a warning sign and the recommendation is to find a professional, even if he’s online, “says Rennó.” While respecting all the rules, it is important to walk, take a little sun, take daily breaks to work, to do something fun, people end up not giving themselves that right to be indoors. Multiple tasks In this epidemic. “