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Como faço para sacar R$ 1.000 através do app do Caixa Tem? Confira os REQUISITOS!

How can I withdraw 1000 BRL through the Caixa Tem app? Check the requirements!

Nowadays, many Brazilians are looking for a loan line. The reasons for this are many and can range from paying off debts to getting out of interest on an overdraft or card, renewal, investing in your own business, travel and other situations.

For those who are in financial difficulty and want to apply for a loan to pay off debts, it is important to highlight two main issues.

The first is that you should be careful not to get into new debts when applying for a loan. This runs the risk of turning the situation into a real snowball.

In addition, another detail is that not all institutions operate with lines of credit for those who are passive, that is, to citizens with an improper name. However, Caixa provides a line that can allow interested parties to order up to R$1,000.

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Caixa Tem allows you to withdraw up to a thousand Brazilian Real

First of all, it is worth noting that the Caixa loan offer is made under the name SIM Digital, a line aimed at small entrepreneurs or those who want to become entrepreneurs.

In other words, it allows easy access to credit that can be used to invest in the business itself.

Passive people can apply through the Caixa Tem app, but there are requirements. The debt must not exceed R$3,000 on January 31, 2022.

In addition, SIM Digital has two lines, as mentioned earlier: one for those who are already MEI (Individual Small Entrepreneurs) and one for those who want to become micro-entrepreneurs. The application requirements are different for each group.

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In the first case:

  • Repayment is possible in up to 24 months, interest rates start from 1.99% per month and the maximum loan amount is 3 million BRL.

As for the second:

  • Payments are made in up to 24 months, with interest rates starting at 1.95% per month and a maximum amount of R$1,000.

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How to apply?

Anyone representing the MEI must go in person to the Caixa branch with documents proving status and personal documents.

Those who have had a CNPJ that has been active for at least 12 months and whose bills do not exceed R$81,000, the current maximum MEI, can apply. Also, it is necessary to have an account with Caixa de Pessoa Jurídica.

On the other hand, those who qualify as an individual can order through the Caixa Tem app itself. To access the application, the address is: https://bityli.com/SVbrUS. Therefore, to start the order, just select the option: “Contratar Crédito Caixa Tem”.

You will need to complete a form, indicating the term of payment, the amount you wish to order and enter your personal data.

Finally, the credit analysis performed by Caixa can take up to 10 days. Therefore, after submitting the application, you must wait for a response from the financial institution.

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