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Hospitals in the UK ask if men are 'pregnant' before tests and treatments

Hospitals in the UK ask if men are ‘pregnant’ before tests and treatments

A man has to come to the hospital for an X-ray-like test and answer many safety questions. Among the questions asked of him was, “Are you likely to be pregnant?” Some people imagine that. However, while this is not a national policy, it does happen in major hospitals in the UK.

If men are pregnant, they will respond by performing tests such as MRI (Photo: MART PRODUCTION / Pexels)

+ Gave birth to one of Spain’s first pregnant men

According to Daily mail, The Walton Center NHS Foundation in Liverpool is one of the LGBTQIA + publicly affiliated organizations with the aim of involving the public. When registering patients, the group no longer uses the category of “male” or “female”, but “individuals”.

Therefore, even if the patient appears to identify with a different gender, before performing procedures such as radiography or MRI examinations, except for cancer treatments, for example, specialists should be asked “regardless of who is under 60 years of age. If that person is likely to have a baby, how can you identify the gender. This is because some procedures endanger the fetus.

In 2017, the Department of Health changed its regulations to include more. According to the recommendations, instead of classifying patients as “women of childbearing age”, the health department should use “persons capable of giving birth”.

Opposition activists say the change could be misleading as well as dangerous. Some patients and family members did not like the move and argued that it could cause “unnecessary confusion and agitation” for vulnerable patients.

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