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Hospital do RN receives pilot project to perform bariatric surgery through SUS |  Great northern river

Hospital do RN receives pilot project to perform bariatric surgery through SUS | Great northern river

Regional hospital dr. Mariano Coelho, in Currais Novos / RN – Photo: Reproduction / Intertv

Regional hospital dr. Mariano Coelho, in Currais Novos, in the Seridó District of Rio Grande do Norte, He performs bariatric surgeries indicated in the treatment of specific cases of obesity. This is a five-month pilot project by the State Secretariat for Public Health (Sesap), which It aims to qualify a new hospital for this type of procedure with the Unified Health System (SUS).

According to Sesap, The public unit at Currais Novos was chosen because it offers optimal safety and quality conditions for the procedure. The operations will be carried out in partnership with the Medical Residency Program at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). To date, only Universitário Onofre Lopes (Huol) Hospital is registered with the SUS for this surgery.

a Dr. Hospital Mariano Coelho will be able to do Two surgeries per week. at the moment, The waiting list at Seridó has about 150 patients.

Surgeon Igor Marreros celebrated the expansion of the bariatric surgery offer in the Rio Grande do Norte public network. “The procedure was successful and uneventful, with all necessary equipment and materials available for proper performance,” said the doctor.

He added, “Obesity is a common disease that results in other associated health problems, so surgery can reduce the disease and improve patients’ quality of life.”

Four years later, patient Anna Brito has renewed her hope as the pilot project arrives at Mariano Coelho Hospital.

He said “I, who have come after a particularly better life, because of the many health problems I have because of my obesity, see this project as a great battle that we have won.”

medical flow

before surgerythe patient should initially be followed up in primary care (PHC), Where you will have the opportunity to learn about treatment optionssuch as changing eating habits, along with physical activity and other behaviours.

Without a positive response to these alternatives, the patient will be referred for surgical treatment. At this stage, the follow-up team will fill out a form with all the history of approved treatments and the patient’s socio-economic and health profile.

With these protocols met, the patient will undergo a Hall examination. If you meet all the conditions required to be performed at Currais Novos Hospital, you will be admitted to the Regula Surgery regimen and await preparation by the APS team.

Organization and scheduling will be carried out by the hospital’s Center for Internal Regulation (NIR), who will be responsible for providing all instructions regarding preoperative documentation, dates, and care.

After the surgery, the patient stays between 24 and 48 hours in the hospital until discharge, during which he will be accompanied by the hospital’s multidisciplinary team in outpatient consultations, with the participation of the Primary Health Care Center.

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