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Hospital closure in Piracicaba (SP) "temporary" and reopening depends on donations

Hospital closure in Piracicaba (SP) “temporary” and reopening depends on donations

After announcing the press’s call for an urgent press conference on the closure of Illumina Hospital, due to lack of funds, representatives of the institution softened the situation and said the measure was “temporary”. The law, contrary to what he advocated, was to launch a campaign to donate money via PIX.

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According to Associação Ilumina Chairman and Founder, Dr. Adriana Brasil, patient care has been suspended as of next Monday, (11), due to a lack of resources to pay about 100 direct and indirect employees, according to the Piranot Posted earlier.

The President of the Republic stated that “the service will return to the hospital as soon as the necessary resources are obtained to pay the salaries of employees who have not received their salaries for two months.”

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Adriana took advantage of the situation to launch the Million Friends campaign, which aims to increase the number of individuals who donate resources to the hospital. The suggestion is that each piracicapano donate a minimum of 9 reais each month. One of the campaign slogans is “Let Alumina Save You”.


The interruption of care affects the hospital only and should last for about two months. The truck will remain in Estação Paulista, now for longer, and will serve Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays of next week. Next, there is a roadmap to help companies that have hired services for their employees.

The president, at the press conference, denied that the reason for the closure was related to transfers from City Hall to the hospital. Earlier this year, she complained to the press and council members about the issue, which will now be normalized.

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In the late afternoon, Mayor Luciano Almeida (Dimeda) said that when the hospital reopens, he will make sure to provide assistance.

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