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Honda launches new generation Trail NC 750X and CB 1000R Black Edition

Once , Honda It renews two sims with the new arrival NC 750X And the CP 1000R. Bicycle prices start from R$49,700 and R$69000, respectively. The latter, which has received a new look, in addition to the reprogrammed dial and engine, will also have a Black Edition configuration, which costs R$76,750.

At first , Honda NC 750X It is the main news. In the new generation, the model will arrive in March and will even have the option of a DCT (dual clutch) gearbox. However, deliveries begin in April, when pricing will be announced.

Honda / Disclosure

In it, visual improvements consist of new front optics, a restyled tail with a new flashlight and turn signals. The space between the handlebars and the seat has become more spacious and the ground clearance has been reduced by 30 mm. The windshield has been redesigned to provide more protection. New LCD panel.

Driving modes and other news

Rain, Normal and Sport modes function to change the power delivery and engine brake. In the formation of a DCT, exchanges are also affected. In short, the entry-level traction control system has three levels of movement. There is an ABS brake.

To round off the news list, the NC 750X is 6kg lighter. Among the mechanical changes introduced by engineering Japanese brandThe model has changes to the valve trains and improved intake and exhaust. This, in turn, increased the maximum engine revolutions to 500 rpm.

According to Honda, the two-cylinder engine is 4 horsepower more powerful. Thus, it jumped from 54.5 hp to 58.6 hp. It dropped from 6250 rpm to 6750 rpm. An electronic metronome is also part of the package. However, there were changes in gear ratios. In the NC 750X, the load on the clutch lever has been reduced by 20%, thanks to improvements to the slipper clutch.

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In terms of connectivity, the NC 750X has Bluetooth technology The voice assistant is Honda’s Smart Voice Control System (HSVCS). You can connect your smartphone to the bike.

Honda / Disclosure

As accessories, Honda offers the Urban Package. In it: a tubular fairing guard, a rear support, a top box with a capacity of 38 liters, a central stand and a USB port in the charging compartment. It comes in red and blue pearl colours. DCT has a pearly red and white palette.

CB 1000R has changes and a special version

The CB 1000R New Sports Café It has undergone a style update. According to Honda, the bare facelift consists of a new headlight, redesigned wheels, reworked radiator tires, a silver aluminum subframe and, at the rear, it has a smaller support plate. Unprecedented 5″ color TFT screen. So it has Honda Roadsync communication system with HSVCS technology.

Honda / Disclosure

But one of the main novelties of the 2022 CB 1000R is the debut of the black version. In it, as its name implies, black paint appears on almost all surfaces. As an exclusive equipment, the special configuration has a cover on the passenger seat in graphite black. The idea is to become a one-seater.

Finally, the CB 1000R Black Edition offers a quick transmission. Therefore, it is a system that does not require the use of a clutch. The goal: to make faster gear changes, thus contributing to performance.

The engine is derived from CBR 1000RR

In terms of mechanics, it has a straight four-cylinder engine, derived from CBR 1000RR. They are – as the name owes -, 998 cc and 142.8 hp of maximum power. According to Honda, the PGM-FI electronic injection has been reprogrammed, with better throttle response.

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Honda / Disclosure

Adapted for naked use, the tachometer’s red band starts at 11,500 rpm, with the tachometer starting at 12,000 rpm. The 2022 CB 1000R engine, which received improved mechanical tuning, delivers a torque of 10.2 million gravities. The 4-2-1 exhaust, with 4 short-volume catalytic converters inside the main chamber, in addition to contributing to the overall reduction in weight, supports power at rpm. Above 5500 rpm, the engine’s roar gained more intensity.

In total, three riding modes (Rain, Standard, and Sport) are available as standard — as well as the customizable USER mode. To select, move your left wrist and bring up the TFT instrument panel. The model can come in metallic red or metallic silver. The black version of course comes in black. Arrive in April.

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