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Honda Bros 160 2023 for sale now;  Know the values ​​and details

Honda Bros 160 2023 for sale now; Know the values ​​and details

Honda Bros 2023

Honda is gradually introducing the 2023 lineup of its most popular models. Recently, models such as Biz 2023, CG 160 2023 and Elite 2023 appeared in stores.

So far, the biggest news has come from the PCX scooter, which has received a facelift and gets a new engine for 2023. But there is still a branded motorcycle. The sale of the 2023 line of Bros 160 started at R$17,100, an increase of R$500 over the previous value.

It was the Honda Bros 160, the novice adventurer who pioneered the small displacement class. Now the 2023 Bros line has already started hitting stores and we can confirm that the new PCX will indeed be big news for Honda, because the Adventurer hasn’t even changed color options, as it has with the other bikes.

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Honda Bros. (Photo: Disclosure/Honda)

Honda Bros 2023160 Technical Data

All rotating and mechanical parts of the bike have been preserved. The flexible, air-cooled single cylinder remains 162.7 cc. It is capable of delivering up to 14.7 hp at 8500 rpm and 1.6 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm when fueled with ethanol.

With gasoline, respectively, 14.5 hp and 1.46 kg / m with a peak at the same revs. The transmission remains five-speed mechanical with a chain-link final drive.

Photo: Advertising / Honda

Another item that remained, though not in a positive way, is the very small equipment list. The motorcycle has a digital panel with dimming illumination, electric start, a luggage compartment built into the passenger handles with reinforcement for the trunk mount.

Likewise, the bike still has telescopic suspension at the front with 180mm of travel and a monocoque rear suspension, and shock absorbers with 150mm of travel.

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The brakes are discs on both wheels with joint brakes. In terms of measurements, it measures 2,067 mm in length, 810 mm in width, 836 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 1,356 mm.

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It is worth noting that Honda Brothers is the leader in its class. On the other hand, it was vying for the lead with the Yamaha Crosser 150.

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