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Hollywood Has a Record Year in Diversity, Discover Report – Entertainment

A report released on Thursday (22) indicated that women and minorities were relatively represented in Hollywood for the first time last year at a “turning point for diversity”.

However, the authors cautioned that these “breakthroughs” could be the result of an anomalous year in which major theaters were postponed due to the pandemic, so that low-budget films released with the most diverse cast and crew won more prominence.

Darnell Hunt, Du’s assistant Diversity Hollywood Report, She said, it was “very encouraging to see the numbers rise in front of the cameras this year,” both for women and people belonging to minorities.

Non-white actors have played roughly 40% of the main characters in major films, which is very similar to the percentage of the US population, in contrast to only 10.5% a decade ago.

“People of color and women have made huge strides among production champions since the last report, and cemented 2020 as a defining moment for diversity in this important field of work,” the report stated.

With approximately 48%, female leadership roles were slightly below proportional representation. However, the study found that films starring women and non-whites tend to have lower budgets in 2020 than those featuring male and white heroes.

With cinemas closed for most of last year, film consumption has shifted dramatically from multiplexing and art cinemas to broadcast platforms.

The annual report covers 185 major films, picked through the box office and ratings on streaming platforms, and warns that many of the various low-budget films released online last year wouldn’t have stood out much in other years.

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On the other hand, Anna Cristina Ramon, co-author of the report at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that films featuring ethnic minority filmmakers “tend to have lower budgets than those made by white men and people.”

He added, “There is an apparent lack of investment in the films that I made and wrote, starring women, and” Colored “.

The report comes three days after the Oscars, which set records for diversity among nominees.

Last year, Cynthia Irivo was the only non-white actress out of 20 nominations (in the Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress categories).

This year, the late Chadwick Bosman (Suprema de Blues wins(British Daniel Kaluuya)Judah and the black Christ(And Korean Yoon Ye Jung)the threat) They are nominees for acting awards. And Chloe Chow (Bedouin), Born in Beijing, a huge favorite of the director’s best figurine.