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Here's why Meghan and Harry missed out on the latest crown event

Here’s why Meghan and Harry missed out on the latest crown event

The absence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was felt at the British royal family’s latest event, the religious ceremony in honor of Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband who passed away last year. It was not only felt, but also criticized by many experts in the British royal family. But that’s not all: there is speculation that the Sussexes had one more reason not to travel to London. Read on.

Last Tuesday, 29 members of the British royal family gathered in Westminster Abbey to celebrate a mass of thanks to Prince Philip. The ceremony brought together all of the senior royals, including Prince Andrew, for his first public appearance after his sexual assault trial in the United States earlier this year.

Queen Elizabeth II entered the Abbey accompanied by her son Andrew, while other members of the royal family entered alongside their husbands. In addition to these, British politicians, dignitaries, and members of other European royal families were present.

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But one of the people who felt lost was Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Prince Harry was expected to attend the ceremony, as his grandfather Prince Philip supported him at various times in his life and was a great friend of his grandson.

Since last week, the British press has reported that Meghan and Harry’s possible absence from the event will be linked to the ongoing process in British justice in which Prince Harry seeks security from the Crown Prince during his visit with his wife and two children. Travel. to the United Kingdom.

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The legal battle has been going on in the UK since the start of the year, but it appears the Sussexes had another reason to miss the party.

As the British tabloid The Sun pointed out, both could have been invited to the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of Victoria Beckham and David Bashkam, who are, as we know, good friends of Meghan and Harry.

Brooklyn Beckham will marry actress Nicola Peltz on April 9 at her family’s oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. The destination is a short ride from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s mansion on Montecito Beach.

The event promises to bring together celebrities, including Spice Girl and Mel B confirmed that she will be in attendance with her mother. David and Victoria are friends of Harry and Meghan and were their wedding guests in 2018.