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Here It Happens - The Futuras Cientistas Program Encourages Student Engagement in Science and Technology

Here It Happens – The Futuras Cientistas Program Encourages Student Engagement in Science and Technology

November 29, 2021 – 22:30

Encouraging the entry of women into careers in science and technology, the Women of the Future program reaches its eighth edition in 2022. This is the first time that Sergibi has participated in the programme, which will take place approximately during the month of January, between 03 and 31 days. The initiative aims to promote the process of introducing High school students and teachers from public schools with research in the field of science and technology, based on activities conducted in the laboratories of partner institutions.

The Future Scientists Program is promoted by the Center for Strategic Technologies in the Northeast (Cetene), a research unit associated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, with the support of the Government of Sergipe through Sergipe Ecological Park (SergipeTec), State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedetec) and State Secretariat For Education, Sports and Culture (Seduc). The US Consulate General in Recife is also part of the partnership.

According to SergipeTec’s Director of Information Technology and Program Coordinator at Technological Park, Carla Almeida, various activities are planned, such as science experiments, lectures and virtual immersion in the schedule. “The activities aim to bring girls closer to the exact sciences and engineering, and to support them during the first phase of the vocational training process,” she explained.

“Futuras Cientistas is another partnership that Seduc has signed to make these programs reach our schools. Our support aims to ensure that as many girls as possible participate in the production of scientific and technological research,” explained Seduc’s Student Development Support Service (Seades) coordinator, Danielle Virginie.

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Students and teachers selected into the program will have the opportunity to combine two working groups. The first will be formed by professors from the Robotics Group of the Federal University of Sergipe (GPR-UFS), who will work on the topic “Building and implementing a mobile robot”. In this group, an introduction to the algorithms and concepts needed to build the mechanical and electronic part of the robot, as well as concepts related to the programming of the control system for autonomous movement will be presented.

The second working group will address the topic “Biofuels and Reuse of Organic Waste”, with experiences that will allow participants to gain knowledge about research in the field of waste reuse and biofuels. In this sense, we seek to encourage the development of critical thinking among those involved in theoretical discussions.

“Strengthening the participation of students and teachers in the production of scientific and technological research since high school is a huge step towards the development of the field of science, technology and innovation in Sergipe. Futuras Cientistas is a step towards outstanding technical training for our country,” emphasized Sedetec Secretary, Jose Augusto Carvalho.

by Sergipe Agency