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Here are the highlights of Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference


Most of the questions came to Joe Biden about immigration, the U.S. border on the southern border since the president took office. Immigrants trying to enter the border. The result was a routine humanitarian crisis, which the government sought to cover up.

In response to Biden He sought to minimize the number of people who wanted to cross the border, saying it was only a seasonal increase and in line with data from previous years. He also rejected the assumption that his own actions would lead to an increase in the number of immigrants.

Presidential Order of Biden All adults and immigrant familiesAppeared on the American border They were deported back to Mexico, but the unsupported minority were taken to immigration agencies.

As a result, 15,000 unsupervised minorities are already detained in such institutions.

Biden argued that the current crisis is still caused by the actions of former President Donald Trump, He said, making it difficult to accommodate and accommodate minor immigrants. He stressed that the immigration system would take time to become more effective with the new rules, but that it would ease the current situation.

Infection management

Biden’s presidency has been limited from the beginning by managing the corona virus infection. According to White House sources, the president’s first press conference was too late because Biden was busy with epidemic management.

However, journalists were more concerned about the situation on the southern border, and the president wanted to divert further issues towards the fight against the epidemic, but this did not succeed.

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Anyway, he said it The government’s new goal is to raise $ 200 million. Vaccinating citizens during the first 100 days of its presidency. He identified the adoption of a package for infrastructure development as the second most important goal, Which is likely to determine the legislative process for the coming period.

Foreign policy

In Joe Biden’s view, although foreign policy is the most moving part of his home, he is not yet at the center of the new Biden government’s actions.

However, this seems to be changing as the US leadership will have to make several important decisions over several weeks regarding its withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russian cyber attacks, North Korean aggression or curbing Chinese influence.

During the press conference U.S. Biden stressed the need to strengthen relations with friendly countries, Although he admits that his predecessor often faces the same difficulties in this field.

As for Afghanistan, he acknowledged that it was difficult to meet the deadline for the planned withdrawal of troops on May 1, 2021, but could not imagine that there would still be one U.S. soldier in the country next year.

Biden Strongly condemned North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test, He said, violating the resolutions of the UN Security Council and could lead to retaliation if the situation worsens. Nevertheless, he said it His government is not yet ashamed of a diplomatic solution, but only if it eventually leads to the cleansing of the Korean Peninsula.

He acknowledged that North Korea was currently the biggest foreign policy threat to the United States.

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As for China, Biden declined to comment on questions about the Trump administration’s criminal duties, He says, is only a small part of US-China relations. However, his government is still there He enabled them to hold better talks with the Chinese leadership in the future.

Political Division and Philipster

With regard to domestic policy Biden condemned Republican efforts to tighten election rules at the state level. According to Fiden, this test requires an era of so-called laws for the gym that requires racial segregation.

He added The Senate is set to reform its operations by replacing the highly controversial company Philippester. Philipster is a belated tactic commonly used by a minority party in the Senate to block a bill. For a bill to come to a final vote, it needs the support of five-thirds of the senators.

This indicates that the President, contrary to his previous views, is aiming for radical reform of the legislative system.

Probably because He realized that under the current rules his most important projects were unlikelySuch as arms control, immigration or climate change Must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Bident was also asked if he would like to run for another position if his term expires in four years. Biden responded by saying that he did not know that the Republican Party would exist then.

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