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Herb is laying off 40% of its staff, one day after it suspended sales of flexible packages

Herb is laying off 40% of its staff, one day after it suspended sales of flexible packages

a day later National Consumer Trust (Sinacon) Determine the suspension of sales of flexible packages by the travel agency to fleeThe company has begun the process of firing about 400 employees. The number equates to about 40% of the company’s total employees, according to company officials. LinkedIn posts mention separating professionals from different fields, such as designers, programmers, and operations managers.

In a note, the company mentions “adjusting its personnel, as well as other measures intended to reduce expenses.” The company also stated that it is “promoting changes in all areas, as part of a corporate restructuring” and regrets the decisions made.

The flexible method was one of the main business of the company and consisted of the ability for customers to suggest three possible travel dates for Hurb to choose one of them or a close one. The flexibility offered by the method will allow the company to seek out more competitive pricing, justifying the lower prices charged for packages.

However, as more and more customers have not received a response from the company after limiting the sending of travel information, it has caused an outpouring of criticism on social networks and complaints channels such as Reclame Aqui and Senacon itself.

Like the Estadao Show, just in the first four months of this year, that The number of lawsuits filed against the company in the courts of São Paulo was 46% higher than the number recorded in the entirety of last year.

Hurb CEO João Mendes, who resigned at the end of April filming: escape/disclosure

The reaction of the company’s then CEO, Joao Mendez, exacerbated the image crisis. He released corporate videos mocking the complaints, and even recorded and networked the moment he cursed a customer who complained about a flight cancellation with Hurb in a group letter.

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At the end of April, after mounting criticism, Mendes resigned, giving space to Ottavio Bressant, until then the General Council fled. The new boss even presented a business plan to Senacon to solve the problems the company was having with its customers.

In an interview with EstadaoEven Joao Mendes said so All users who bought tickets from Hurb were traveling and said they were ‘surprised’ Due to the difficulty of obtaining company funds and honoring contracts.

Cinacon’s suspension of flexi-package sales was announced Monday, the 29th, due to “irregularities found in Herb’s business practices.” According to a memo from the agency, the action was taken to ensure that issues with sales already made were addressed before new packages were sold by Hurb.