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Helio dos Angus sees Nautico win deserved, but complains about the team's declining production |  Nautical

Helio dos Angus sees Nautico win deserved, but complains about the team’s declining production | Nautical

Although satisfied with the win over Santa Cruz, thus ensuring the marine seat in the Pernambucano Championship decision, coach Helio dos Anjos did not like the drop in performance at the end of Sunday’s Classic.

For a coach, Tiempo deserves to make it to the finals. And that his team could have won the duel without the pressure they were subjected to in the last minutes. As for him, he had many chances of this not happening.

We played a competitive match, a tough game and we regret it in the end, because I think we didn’t deserve that suffering in the end. For all that the team has done consistently, and a fruitful game. But we could have already decided the match long before that, by our neglect of the dead ball.

Helio Dos Angus, Marine Coach – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

Even criticizing the decline in production, coach Alferopro agreed with his team’s behavior in most of the classics. Although I wasted many more goals.

Despite the good campaign in the state, Helio dos Anjos does not consider himself the favorite in the decision. She says Sport or Salgero, who are clinching the second wave on Monday evening, also have qualities.

– Above all, we get hard, and I’m sure opponents do, too. Any opponent, will arrive very strong for this decision.