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Heat wave and fire destroy West America and Canada – International

Dozens of wildfires erupted in western Canada and the US state of California this Friday (2), forcing thousands of people to flee their homes and dampening hopes that the dangerous heat wave that is plaguing the region will subside.

Thousands were evacuated from the Canadian province of British Columbia after a wildfire broke out in a small town that had been breaking national records for three days at maximum temperatures.

According to a provincial government map, 152 fires were intense, most of which started two days ago. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the ministers of the incident response committee and decided to set up an operational center in Edmonton to provide regional support.

“Dry conditions and extreme heat are unprecedented in British Columbia,” said Secretary of Defense Bill Blair. “This fire shows that we are at the beginning of a promise that it will be a long and difficult summer,” he added at a news conference.

The province’s prime minister, John Horgan, called on the federal government to strengthen its position. This Friday, local experts corrected the deaths to an unprecedented level: 719 from last Friday to yesterday.

– Giant fire in California –

Evacuation notices were issued for large parts of the California district, where a large fire destroyed more than 8,000 hectares. The U.S. state recorded at least 12 different eruptions, the worst wildfire in its history last year.

Hundreds of firefighters were battling today to control three wildfires in the north of the state, which were favorable for the drought to spread over thousands of hectares, to the vicinity of a popular lake that is preparing to welcome tourists this July 4th. Holidays.

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Evacuation orders were in effect at the long stretches of Lake Shasta, a camping and boat ride south of the Oregon border, as high temperatures and high winds cause fires in the relatively early stages of summer. Fire in the area.

– ‘Disaster’ –

The total population of Lytton, home to about 250 people, was evacuated early Wednesday morning, the day after the village set the Canadian high temperature record of 49.6C.

“The last 24 hours have been devastating for the people of Lytton,” Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan tweeted, adding that the Canadian Armed Forces “are ready to support the residents when we take the next step.”

Provincial officials said no injuries or deaths were reported in the blaze. Several eruptions were reported 150 km northeast of Lytton, north of the town of Kamloops.

– Cem alviyo –

A bulletin released yesterday for the Prince George area of ​​another British Columbia location, Environment Canada, said “exceptionally strong high pressure wave” will cause record temperatures in the coming days.

He added that “the duration of this heat wave is worrying as there is little relief at night” when high temperatures persist. This Thursday, the heat wave moved eastward, towards the Canadian prairies.

Heat warnings were issued for Alum, Alberta, Saskatchewan, parts of Manitoba, parts of northwestern and now northern Ontario in British Columbia.

Across the border, the states of Washington and Oregon were also inundated by record temperatures this week, with hundreds of sudden heat-related deaths.