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Hear what the flight attendant Azul had to say before all the passengers put on their hats

Hear what the flight attendant Azul had to say before all the passengers put on their hats

On June 9, Azul Linhas Aéreas did a different job on board one of its planes, specifically the one bearing a commemorative Donald Duck plaque, referring to the airline’s partnership with Disney. To mark the famous personality’s 88th birthday, the company held a celebration aboard Flight AD-4769, between Guarulhos and Cuiaba.

Passengers were invited to participate in the celebration marked by Speech Specially prepared for the flight attendants, to remind all travelers of the special date, as well as “Happy Birthday” with the lavish presence of Donald Duck.

Little of what happened on board, as well as a crew member’s speech, were recorded by the airline and posted on its Instagram account, as shown in the video below (wait for upload).

“Today we are having a raffle celebration. We are excited to celebrate the birthday of our dear Donald Duck on this trip… Everyone is invited to join in on this party. Every seat has a birthday group so we can celebrate this magical date together. And on this trip we will have more Surprises, stay tuned.”.

Donald Duck

This date is celebrated in honor of the first appearance of this Walt Disney cartoon character, created by Dick Landy on June 9, 1934 in the short film “The Wise Little Hen”. Over the years, Donald Duck’s appearance gradually changed, and this was reflected in his beak, legs and stomach, but his suit and blue sailor-style hat did not change much, as did his irrepressible anger, bad temper and bad luck.

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In the drawings, something always happened that excited him and ruined his day, but he always showed a kind heart. He was perhaps the most versatile character in Disney, has countless activities, from hunter to hockey player, always curious with little talent, but has plenty of will.

Donald has been the protagonist of countless shorts, comedies, and animated films for kids, with his unique way of jumping on one foot when he gets angry for some reason. Over the course of his “career”, he was nominated 8 times for an Academy Award.