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Pessoa sendo vacinada. Ela está em um carro, usa camiseta vermelha

Health expects the start of vaccination against influenza and measles

The Department of Health of the Federal District (SES / DF) has forecast the start of vaccination against flu And measles For children from the age of six months to less than 5 years. Both campaigns have already started. This Saturday (4/30) there will be a de-immunization day.

On this day, other priority groups in the influenza campaign will also be able to be vaccinated. See the list below.

Currently, parents and guardians can take their children in this age group to be immunized against both diseases. Vaccination points are updated daily and can be consulted at Department of Health website.

The target audience for influenza is 1,086,550 people in DF, and the goal is to vaccinate at least 90% of eligible groups. As for measles, the target audience is 182,357 children in DF, and the goal is to vaccinate 95% of them.

Priority groups to be vaccinated against influenza:

– pregnant women
– postpartum
– Indian people
Teachers from public and private schools
Persons with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions
People with permanent disabilities
Professionals from the security and rescue forces and the armed forces
Truck drivers
Urban transport workers and long-distance highways
– port workers
Prison officials
Adolescents and youth from 12 to 21 years old under socio-educational measures
– Persons deprived of their liberty

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