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Health alert for influenza vaccination in priority groups

Health alert for influenza vaccination in priority groups

People with permanent disabilities should also receive the triple shot, which protects against major strains of the virus; security and rescue forces; members of the armed forces; truck drivers; Passenger workers on public roads in urban areas and long distances; dock workers; prison system officials; Adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 21 who are subject to socio-educational measures; and populations deprived of their liberty.

The recorded increase in influenza or influenza cases recorded in recent years, according to the volume, reinforces the importance of vaccination in an effort to avoid serious cases and deaths, especially in the most vulnerable groups. In 2021, 7,200 cases and 901 deaths were recorded in the country, while in 2022 the numbers jumped to 12,169 and 1,612, respectively. This year, 1,300 cases of the flu have been confirmed, as well as 87 deaths.


With the vaccine is the concept of life. The vaccine for all, the propaganda campaign prepared by the volume begins to broadcast nationwide on Tuesday (11) on open television, closed television and social networks, in addition to places of wide dissemination of people, radio and the Internet. A total of 80 million doses of the trivalent influenza vaccine, produced by the Butantan Institute, will be distributed in a staggered manner, according to the progress of the campaign.

The vaccine formulation is updated annually so that the dose is effective in protecting against virus strains that were circulating in the previous year. The ministry confirmed that the influenza vaccine can be applied with any vaccine from the national immunization program, including the coronavirus vaccine. This year, the recommendation for states and municipalities is that the flu vaccination be done in one step, covering all priority groups.

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All children who received at least one dose of influenza vaccine in previous years should receive only one dose in 2023. For Indigenous peoples and people with comorbidities, the vaccine is prescribed for children aged 6 months to less than 9 years. The two-dose schedule should be observed for all children to be vaccinated for the first time, with the second dose scheduled 30 days after the first. (Source: Brazil Agency)