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Health agent arrested for charging medical care fees by SUS at MG

Health agent arrested for charging medical care fees by SUS at MG

The Civil Police started investigating the case after filing a complaint with the Municipal Ombudsman Photo: Civil Police/Disclosure

On Thursday (August 17), the Civil Police arrested a community health worker from the Senhora do Carmo district, in Itabira, Central District of Minas Gerais. She is being investigated for negative corruption and coercion in the course of the operation.

According to the investigations, the agent informed the residents that in order to get medical care through the SUS, they had to pay. Then it imposed amounts that were not disclosed by the police institution.

Complaints reached the municipal health department through the municipal ombudsman and the district health unit. After he was denounced, the agent began threatening witnesses and interfering with their statements.

In addition, according to the Civil Police, the woman would go to a witness’ home, take her cell phone and message other people, as if she were the witness, denying the charges and payments.

According to the delegate in charge of the investigation, Diogo Luna Moreira, the person being investigated made a resident believe that her phone, the witness, had been tapped and that everything she said to other people would be known by the health agent.

The woman was referred to the prison system after the procedures of the judicial police.

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