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Health 2023: Destruction is fast but recovery is slow – 01/01/2023 – Marcia Castro

Health 2023: Destruction is fast but recovery is slow – 01/01/2023 – Marcia Castro

Brazil enters the year 2023 facing a health crisis. There is an urgent need to embark on the road to recovery. Such as New democratically elected governmentThere is hope for better days.

The decline in health began with the implementation of Constitutional Amendment No. 95, known as PEC da Morte, at the end of 2016. EC 95 froze spending on the health SUS’s ability to provide basic services has been weakened. It is estimated that between 2018 and 2022, SUS lost about R$60 billion due to EC 95.

But the past four years have been unprecedented. We live in a pandemic run by an irresponsible government, with no commitment to truth, science, and life. The balance of it all? nearly 700,000 people lost their lives, More than 113,000 orphaned children A decades-old setback in many health indicators.

This just-departed government is leaving a sickening legacy of health. Push science away from decision makingdid not support basic research and jeopardized the collection of data necessary for a rapid and effective response to health demands.

Cut off channels of communication with society and isolated from the worldcontrary to the tradition of the leading role that Brazil used to occupy in international cooperation agreements.

did not recognize structural racism As a social determinant of health and reduce part of the budget for health procedures A nativewhich was badly damaged by decisions that encouraged deforestation and illegal mining in the Amazon (“cattle pass”).

The list is long! Part of what SUS gallantly conquered over three decades has been destroyed in just over two years.

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This is the scenario that the new government will have to manage. It will be intense work. Realistically, there is no way to solve everything all at once and in just four years. After all, there are also challenges in education, economy, environment, infrastructure, etc. It will be necessary to prioritize and promote cross-sectoral actions in order to maximize results.

Report of the Technical Health Group of the Government Transformation Authority, Presented by former ministers Arthur Chiro and José Gómez Tempurao to the new minister, Nicia Trindade On December 29, he analyzes the dismantling of public health policies, lists red flags that require urgent action, identifies normative laws and ordinances that should be repealed and recommends ten priorities for the first hundred days of government.

As presented during the press conference, these priorities include strengthening the management of SUS, restructuring the national immunization program, strengthening response to the pandemic and other emergencies, reducing waiting lists in specialized services, strengthening primary care, saving the popular pharmacy programme, strengthening women’s health, Children and adolescents, as well as indigenous health, resume the development of the health industrial complex and the revitalization of information technology and digital health.

Minister Necia Trindade He and his team are now beginning to work hard not only on setting priorities but also on preparing the National Health Plan for the next four years.

For those who believe that problems can be fixed immediately, remember that destruction is fast, but recovery is slow. May there be sympathy, a sense of community, and political and financial responsibility in 2023. Above all, that the Respect the rights stipulated in the Federal Constitution.

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Health is a right of every individual and a duty of the state. Happy 2023, good health!

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