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“He will not participate again”; Carlos Alberto catches Endrick and hears “A Little and a Good” in front of Arrascaeta

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He was the former player of Jogo das Estrelas and ended up showing up on social networks

Photo: Clone Squad TV/Twitter - Carlos Alberto
Photo: Clone TV/Twitter – Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto is the subject of Thursday (29). The former player participated in the All-Star Game, last Wednesday night (28th), and it ended up going viral on social media. Arrascaeta gave an insulting pen in the first minute of the game and Bad Boy, as he was called in his days as an athlete, came out to pick up the chips.

Indrik The Palmeiras jewel was sold to Real Madrid for unparalleled valuesHe was also one of Zico’s guests in Maraca’s last game of the season. The 16-year-old Jewel bailed out with a triple and a three-toe pass to Djalminhaappears in Takes Only the past and the present green.

The boy played in the same team as the white Carlos Alberto. Reizinho da Gávea was on the opposite side in red. Andrek heard some scolding from the former athletewho was not tired of wasting his titles in the Champions League and the Club World Cup, but there were those who did not like the arrivals in the ear of the number 16 shirt.

While I was right next to Arrascaeta, past the pen on C. Alberto, Moser decided to give Carlos a break and said “a little, well” to the current sports commentator. CA was defeated after taking the reverse and Endrick went on to put on a show, distributing sympathies, photos and gifts to the fans in attendance at the Maracanã.

Watch the reaction on Twitter:

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