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'He was a depressed person,' says Brazilian renter arrested in Buenos Aires

‘He was a depressed person,’ says Brazilian renter arrested in Buenos Aires

Fernando Sabag is imprisoned in Argentina

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montelwas arrested last Thursday, 1, after that Accused of trying to assassinate Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner, known in the Buenos Aires neighborhood as a “sad and sympathetic” person. Description provided by hairstylist Diego Arnold to the program NiceFrom TV Globo.

Fernando, the son of a Chilean father and an Argentine mother, owns an apartment in Buenos Aires. He rents the space to a beauty salon, where Arnold works. According to the hairstylist, Fernando had depressive effects.

“I was a lonely, depressed person. But with people on the street, it was nice. I used to see him here once a month when I paid the rent.”

After the assassination attempt, the Argentine police searched and confiscated the site, but they did not find any belongings of Fernando. According to the tenant, the suspect has not lived at the address for four years.

Fernando’s last known residence was in a neighborhood located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The police also searched the property and this time found the Brazilian’s belongings.

A neighbor also mentioned that he knows little about Fernando. “There was no good morning, nor good evening, nor good night. I just saw him leave the back apartment. Sometimes he’s alone, sometimes with his girlfriend,” said Jorge Perdomo.

In 2021, Fernando was arrested in a police attack with a 35 cm knife. At the time, he claimed the goal was for self-defense. The Brazilian is still in prison awaiting trial. The Office of the Solicitor General will be responsible for your defense in this process.

stuck girlfriend

Brenda Olliarte, Fernando’s girlfriend, was arrested on Sunday5, by Argentine authorities while investigations into the case continue. Maria Eugenia Capuccitti, the judge in charge of the case, says she believes the Brazilian did not act alone.

After analyzing testimonies and security camera footage from the area where the attack on Kirchner took place, the judge ordered Brenda’s arrest and also decreed the confidentiality of the investigation.

to me no nasionBrenda is 23 years old and was arrested at Palermo Station in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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