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"He talks a lot about the way Brazil thinks."

“He talks a lot about the way Brazil thinks.”

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The BBB 21 Champion was asked about this year’s reality champion

Photo 1: Reproduction / Juliet's official Instagram |  Photo: Reproduction / Arthur Aguiar's official Instagram
Photo 1: Reproduction / Juliet’s official Instagram | Photo: Reproduction / Arthur Aguiar’s official Instagram

Previous BBB Juliette Freire She became an internet phenomenon after winning BBB 21. The champion of last year’s edition participated in a live broadcast with Hugo Gloss, Monday night (02), and ended up with Asked about this year’s winner: Arthur Aguiar.

Juliet tried to dodge not to answer the question and ended up getting caught in an argument, but decided to speak up. “Oh man, I think the audience chooses. I think if the public wants it, that’s fair’ He said, shortly afterwards, noting that from the start, he wished anyone would win BBB 22 He was the one who showed his flaws and qualities during his course of the house.

“I was hoping that the person who won Big Brother made some sense, and understood. That was not only for their own good, but to bring a message or something wonderful to the country in need.”. In her talk, the former BBB spoke about the importance of public voting. “I think the realistic vote speaks volumes about the way Brazil thinks, what Brazil wants…so I think it’s fair”announced.

Arthur Agyar on the winner of BBB 22last Tuesday, April 27, after reaching the final with colleagues Douglas Silva and Paulo Andre. Myra Cardi’s husband was awarded R$1.5 million with 68.96% of the audience’s votes.